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  • Why pullers are widely used?

     For the following reasons:


    1.    Diverse design of the shapes, colors, sizes….

    2.    Make of various materials. TPU, Silicon, Rubber, PVC, PU leather, Puff filled woven, woven band…(all the materials which we use are eco-friendly)

    3.    Designers always choose different materials to make pullers according to the products positioning . Such as PU leather pullers for leisure jackets, TPU zipper pulls for outdoor wear or sportswear, silicon zip pullers for high quality down jackets or bags and so on.

    4.    Easy to make replacement for the products, there is no any tool needed during the whole procedure of repairing.

    Why zip pullers are widely used for the texture line?(图1)

    Why zip pullers are widely used for the texture line?(图2)

  • woven label knowledge

    Woven labels are normally custom in various qualities to match the design and applications. They are not only an essential part of garment branding typically used as neck labels, but also suitable for outer branding on most types of garments or accessories. Generally speaking, the woven labels are made of three kinds of materials, such as damask, satin or taffeta. The advantages and disadvantages of each material are as below:


    Damask woven labels:

    1.    Use fine yarns with a high warp density, so most designs can be produced with excellent class of detail.

    2.    Have soft feel to suit for a neck label next to skin.

    3.    The damask woven label’s design can be produced with small text or complex elements.


    Satin woven labels:

    1.    Has a soft and smooth feel. Popularly used for children’s wear or women’s apparel.

    2.    Provide a luxurious out looking.

    3.    There are limitations with based colors. The definition is not offered as same as damask woven labels.


    Teffeta woven labels:

    1.    Produce a hard-wearing and inexpensive clothing label.

    2.    Have a ribbed structure.

    3.    Primarily used for external branding label.

    4.    Hard feel.


  • finishing of TPU Zip puller

    Our TPU zip puller can be supplied with durable cords for easy attachment or repairing and silicon zip tabs are with various-shape metal rings for hanging. As the original design of logos are from our clients, so the required size of designs can be specified and there are several design options at your disposal including debossing, embossing, printing, enamel or color infills with oil and so on.


  • repair kit for emergecy use

    No matter where you spend your time, in the kitchen or back yard, you will be prepared for zipper puller repair emergency with our zip tabs. The replacement zip pullers can be used for coats, suitcases, backpacks, tents, boots, luggage and so on. If there is any questions about our products, please keep in touch with us by our mail address with thanks.( sales@kingmai-hk.com or our skype: kingmai00 )

    repair kit for any emergecy use(图1)

  • difference between TPU, PVC, P

    Plastic Zip puller is an important part to help the zip sliders moved easily, especially in the cold winter or other inconvenient situation. Normally, there are two different moulding-techniques for these materials (Injection moulding and drop moulding). And also there are advantages and disadvantages between them as the below list. We hope information here can help you to select the most suitable zip pullers to your products.  

    difference between TPU, PVC, PP, SILICON(图1)

  • leather labels for jeans

    Normally, LEATHER materials for producing PATCHs are divided into 2 big kinds, faux leather (PU

    leather , microfiber leather, suede leather) ,or Genuine leather which includes pig leather, cattle leather,

    goat leather or crocodile leather. Generally speaking, what kind of leather material will be picked up

    according to the positioning of clients’ products.


    The main technology of making leather patches are heat pressing, printing, laser, embroidery, or 

    hardware.That depends on the design from designers. And also the logo can be made embossed, 

    engraved or othercustom effects. Most colors can be chosen, even special gold or silver or other 

    reflective colors. Beside color, the structures of patches can be also shaped as your expectation.


    The rang of patches is wide. Usually, They are used in garment especially for jeans or leisure jackets), 

    luggage,shoeshandbagsor other textile industry.


  • what is HYPALON material?

    Hypalon is a woven polyester fabric with textured rubber bonded on both sides. It is one of the most weather resistant fabrics.


    Normally, this hypalon material can be seen in the rubber dinghy for its durability, eco-friendly and so on.  It can also often found on backpacks and military gear and other outdoor products. It is great to use for various small bits on bike packing bags as it has a very good friction (rubber).


    what is HYPALO material?(图1)

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